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P05 Eau de parfum 100ml

Product description

ærlig P05 is a unique fragrance that will awaken all your senses. It is a light and at the same time very seductive, sensual fragrance. The combination of soft, clear notes of spices in the top note and exotic cedar wood in the base note makes the perfume both uplifting and warm. The spices used in the top note and heart note are nutmeg, juniper, black pepper and sage. Together with fresh bergamot and cypress, P05 is an elegant fragrance that you can wear perfectly every day, but is even better to wear to a party. The brand 'ærlig' is inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, style and understated luxury. The luxurious packaging, the beautiful bottle and the perfume together offer a special experience. Not only is the fragrance distinctive, the composition is unique too: the risk of an allergy to one of the ingredients is minimal and the perfume is sustainably produced from start to finish. ærlig perfumes are free from most essential oils and the 26 most common substances that can cause allergies. They are vegan and made with 90% organically grown ingredients. The perfumes are dermatologically tested and free from oils that cause phototoxicity. Phototoxicity occurs when oils react to sunlight. This reaction can cause skin irritations such as contact dermatitis.

Fragrance pyramid and fragrance notes ærlig P05 eau de parfum
 Top note: bergamot, nutmeg, juniper, black pepper
 Heart note: sage, cypress
 Base note: cedar wood

Top notes give the first impression of a perfume. You can smell them immediately when you spray a perfume and they last for a few minutes to half an hour. Since the top notes can disappear quickly, it's a good idea to wait a while before deciding which perfume to choose. This is where the heart notes come in; they usually last for a few hours, although that varies from person to person. Finally, the base notes last the longest.

How to use ærlig P05 eau de parfum
Of course, you want to smell a perfume as long as possible, preferably all day long. Unfortunately, few perfumes last an entire day. An eau de parfum (EdP) lasts for about five hours and an eau de toilette (EdT) lasts for about three hours. This is because an eau de parfum contains more concentrated fragrance oil. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to make your fragrance last as long as possible:
Hydrate the skin first: for example with body lotion. Perfume adheres better to the skin when it is hydrated.
Body heat intensifies the fragrance: points on the body where the pulse is close to the surface are good places to spray perfume. Think about the wrists, behind the jaw line and ear. Another tip is to spray in the armpit, knee joint and elbow joint, which are also places on the body where it is hot. Remember not to rub the surfaces against each other after spraying perfume, just let it air dry.

About the fragrance notes
Bergamot: a sunny citrus scent with a pleasant depth. As an fragrance note, it gives a perfume a refreshing bite. It has floral, spicy and resinous undertones too.
Sage: gives a perfume a strong, fresh and spicy scent. Sage might not have a special scent on its own, but it blossoms in combination with other spicy or woody notes. It adds spiciness to a perfume.
Cedar wood: this fragrance note has a clear woody character. Added to a perfume - usually as a base note - it gives the fragrance a warm and sensual note.

All benefits

  • Vegan and sustainably produced eau de parfum
  • Contains 90% organically grown ingredients
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Non-phototoxic: it does not cause skin irritations in the sun
  • Free from the 26 most common substances that can cause allergies
  • Cruelty-free
  • Sustainable packaging made of FSC® Certified cardboard and paper, the labels are made from sugar cane
  • Produced in Denmark
  • The majority of the production process takes place in Denmark and Europe to minimize the transport

Alcohol (from organic wheat), parfum

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aerlig P05 Eau de parfum 100ml
aerligP05 Eau de parfum 100ml

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