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By Natasja, 26 february 2023

The Green Bioplaneet Dictonary: Oats

The success of oats has skyrocketed in recent years. Milk made from oats is now an indispensable ingredient in many coffee drinks and overnight oats is on the breakfast menu for many foodies. That's actually quite logical because oats are good for you, both inside and out. Natural oat oil that you will encounter in our organic products is usually cold-pressed and obtained from oat kernels. Oats are one of the few grain types that contain oil, although it's not a huge amount: about 10-15%. Oat oil is rich in vitamin E (tocopherol), phospholipids, antioxidants and linoleic acid. It provides many of the properties of oat kernel extract, but also has a higher concentration of omega-fatty acids and antioxidants. It is a nourishing, calming and hydrating ingredient. It not only supports the skin's elasticity, it also has a positive effect on hair and the scalp.

Oats for dry and dehydrated skin
Your skin cells naturally produce ceramides that act as a barrier between external influences and your skin. As you age, this barrier becomes weaker, which can lead to dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Oat oil increases the ceramide levels in the skin barrier, helping to make skin ageing signs less visible. It also forms a layer on the skin to prevent moisture loss, to protect the skin and to keep the skin feeling soft. That's why you'll find it, for example, in the Lip Intimate Care Lip Balm Macadamia + Oat, a lip balm for your intimate area. Did you know that milled oat flakes have a natural exfoliating effect? They ensures that skincare products can be absorbed better by the skin. You can find organic spherically milled oat flour in the ERASE Cleansing, Exfoliating & Brightening Powder by LUÉ by Jean Seo.

Oats for a sensitive skin
Oat kernel extract is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also soothes itching, redness and skin rashes. You can find it in the intensively nourishing Suki HydraCycle Hydrating Body Balm. If you're looking for a calming day cream with oats, the John Masters Organics Hydrating Face Cream with Rose & Apricot is your best option. Oat oil is also soothing because it forms a protective layer between damaged skin and harmful external influences. Oat oil is often used to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

For dandruff-free hair
Dandruff is a hair issue that you may encounter at some point. Because oats also contain saponins, it cleanses in a natural way, helping to remove dandruff in a gentle way. It also contains lipids, which have a hydrating and nourishing effect on your scalp to prevent itching. That's why you can find it, for example, in the Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Cleanser Amber Rose.

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