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By Gabriela, 7 december 2022

The Green Bioplaneet Dictonary: Greep Seed Oil

Not just another oil
You are probably thinking: aha, this is just another oil. Still, grape seed oil deserves a second look, because it can actually do amazing things for your skin and hair. It is packed with nourishing vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. The oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes that remain after making wine, making it a beautiful circular product that is not thrown away and is a valuable ingredient for skin and hair products. Also, grape seed oil is safe for all skin types. You can simply apply it directly to your skin. Grape seed oil it is not an essential oil, so you will not have to worry about an allergic reaction or redness.

Grape seed oil contains, among other things, vitamin E. This vitamin mainly has a restorative and protective effect. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant and helps fight free radical damage and prevent lines. Grape seeds are also rich in polyphenols and OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins); these are the most powerful antioxidants found in nature. Polyphenols and OPCs complement the work of vitamin E. Thus, OPCs repair collagen at the cellular level and stimulate circulation. They have an anti-inflammatory effect and improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin. After all, grape seed oil is also rich in essential fatty acids - such as linoleic acid - which are the building blocks of healthy cells. Linoleic acid in turn protects and strengthens cell membranes. This effect in turn ensures fewer lines and wrinkles.

Good for your skin
What exactly can grape seed oil do for your skin? Well, a lot. Because it contains linoleic acid, an omega 6 fatty acid, it can help control breakouts by preventing pore clogging. Suki Skincare has therefore added it to the formula of the ClearCycle Purifying Facial Oil. It also makes pigment spots and (acne) scars less visible. The vitamin E also helps to retain moisture in the skin and strengthens the skin barrier. You will therefore also find it, for example, in the StartCycle Cleansing Oil from Suki Skincare. Grape seed oil has a light texture, is easily absorbed by the skin and therefore does not leave a greasy film. Tired skin with lines also benefits from it. Thanks to the polyphenols in grape seed oil, lines and wrinkles become less visible and the skin gets a fresh glow. For example, apply the Comforting Face & Body Oil from Made by Coopers if you would like to see this effect on your skin. Grape seed oil also supports the production of collagen and thus ensures firm and elastic skin. That's why you also find it in the Neck Cream from Baebody.

Good for your hair
The fact that grape seed oil is so lightweight, has also benefits for your hair. Especially if your hair is fine or thin, it is a perfect option because it does not weigh down your hair. And it gets even better: grape seed oil gives your hair shine and prevents frizz. You will therefore find it in I Create Shine by Innersense Organic Beauty. Because grape seed oil can retain moisture well, it has a nourishing effect on dry hair without making it greasy. It helps to strengthen weak or brittle hair so that it feels fuller again. Innersense Organic Beauty has therefore also added it to the I Create Lift Volumizing Foam.

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