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By Gabriela, 7 november 2022

Self-care = better sex

Enjoy one another
Cosy autumn days before Christmas have started. For some the time of the year they wish would fly by and for others the perfect time to snuggle up in bed. To make it cosier you can light candles and put on some music. But what if lovemaking feels dry and painful? We guarantee you that with a little self-care you will have better sex.

Self-care looks different for every person. In general, self-care is described as an active process of doing things that improve your sense of well-being. Think of eating healthy, sleeping well and taking care of your skin. But it also includes a satisfying sex life. Sexual self-care is essential and it is certainly not selfish or unnecessary. Taking care of yourself and your partner is a great way to build intimacy, protect your sexual health and create more pleasurable experiences. Sex - with yourself or a partner - can improve your mood, improve your sleep and increase the production of happy hormones that make you feel good. But sometimes it can occur that you experience sex less pleasant, due to a dry vulva and vagina. Sex becomes painful and unpleasant and that is of course not what you want. Do you have to let the dryness down under stop you? Certainly not!

Don't let a dry vulva hold you back
Vaginal and vulva dryness is more common than you think. It is of course something you do not talk about easily or with everyone. Did you know that more than 50% of all women experience vaginal dryness at some point in their lives? Most often it is experienced during sex, which is not only painful but can also lead to infections. Vaginal dryness doesn't just cause pain during sex, it can even make it uncomfortable to sit, stand, exercise, urinate or work. The main cause is a decreased oestrogen level, which is why it is common in women going through menopause. Oestrogen is a hormone that helps maintain healthy vaginal tissues by maintaining normal vaginal moisture, tissue elasticity and acidity. With less oestrogen, the vaginal tissues become thinner and this makes both the vulva and the vagina vulnerable. By the way, vaginal and vulva dryness affects women of all ages. It does not only occur in menopausal women. Dryness can also be caused by stress, breastfeeding, the pill and certain hygiene products such as soap. Don’t let a dry vulva and vagina hold you back from having sex. Fortunately, you can overcome dryness and discomfort by a loving approach with a special lubricant and cleaning products that respect your vulva.

Pleasant experience
You can first tackle dryness and a chafing feeling with the right cleaning of your vulva. You can do this with a special oil, such as the Cleansing + Moisturizing Oil Prebiotic + Postbiotic from LIP Intimate Care. This is a soft, natural oil that does not contain soap, but still cleans your labia in a safe way. In addition to oil-based cleaners, LIP Intimate Care also has, for example, a 'lip balm'. The Lip Balm Macadamia + Oat is a fragrance and hormone-free balm that prevents dryness and infections. It contains 98% organic ingredients and is free from preservatives. Last but not least, the Wet Lips Caring Glide Prebiotic. This is a natural alternative to synthetic lubricants and is guaranteed to provide a much more pleasant and painless sexual experience.

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