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By Gabriela, 5 december 2022

Party? Glamour hair!

Party hair
Imagine your hairdresser being fully booked and you no longer have time to look for another hairdresser. Or you missed the memo and you find out that there is a grand Christmas party at the office. No stressing: transform yourself into a hairdresser-at-home and give yourself a voluminous, shiny and glamorous hair. Already wondering how you can do that? With these tips you will have the ultimate party hair.

#1: Wash and care
Beautiful hair starts with your shampoo and conditioner. Ask a hairdresser and they will tell you that your party hair starts by washing and conditioning the hair properly. A clean hair is a must for a radiant shine. Therefore, wash your hair twice: the first wash loosens the accumulated dirt and styling residues, while the second wash helps to remove them. You can do that, for example, with the Color Awakening Hairbath from Innersense organic Beauty or the Daily Nourishing Shampoo with Lavender & Rosemary from John Masters Organics. Squeeze gently most of the water out of your hair and apply conditioner over three quarters of the length to the ends. If you want to maintain your volume, it’s better not to apply conditioner to your roots. Here are some of our favourite conditioners that condition and detangle your hair: Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner from Innersense Organic Beauty and Repair Conditioner for Damaged Hair with Honey & Hibiscus from John Masters organics. Washing your hair at the office is of course nonsense, but ta-da: luckily there is such a thing as the dry shampoo. Dry shampoo gives your hair a quick transformation, absorbs excess oil and dirt, gives volume and makes it easier to style your hair. Spray the dry shampoo at the roots of your hair and let it soak in for a few seconds. Massage through with your fingers and voilà, you will achieve glamorous volume. You can easily get that effect with the Refresh Dry Shampoo from Innersense Organic Beauty.

#2: Prep your hair
If you want to blow dry your hair or use a curling or straightening iron, a protective product against the heat is a must. A heat protectant often also helps to improve the appearance of your hair, for example, it adds extra shine and softness. If you have fine hair that quickly looks 'flat', a volumizing mousse, such as the Volumizing Foam with Quinoa & Acacia Gum from John Masters Organics will give you that voluminous look. Do you have curly hair? Then apply the Quiet Calm Curl Control from Innersense Organic Beauty for beautiful bouncy curls and blow dry your hair with a diffuser. For example, if your hair is very dry, you can add a few drops of oil, such as the Nourishing Defrizzer for Dry Hair from John Masters Organics. If you also want to give your straight hair or curls a little more definition at work, put your curling iron in your bag in the morning before work. After applying a dry shampoo (see #1), curl several sections of hair around your face. Comb through with your fingers to blend the curls with the rest of your hair and check if you want to add more curls.

#3: Styling
Maybe the above is festive enough for you, but if you want to go even further with styling, we have some extra tricks for you. For example, if you want to style your hair smooth with a flat iron, the Serenity Smoothing Cream from Innersense Organic Beauty will help you with that. The nourishing ingredients smooth the hair cuticle nicely, reduce frizz and add moisture to the hair. This product is also ideal for a weightless blowout. Want to put your hair up? A hairspray that gives your hair grip so that it doesn’t slip and stays in place is a must. You can do this, for example, with the I Create Finish from Innersense Organic Beauty or the Hair Spray with Acacia Gum & Aloe from John Masters Organics. Always parting your hair in the same direction? Make a parting on the other side of your hair and you will immediately notice more volume. On the other side, tuck your hair behind your ears, spray some more hairspray - such as the travel size of I Create Finish from Innersense Organic Beauty - and your party hair is ready.

#4: For lazy girls
Tip for the lazy girls or if you really don't have time: try the catwalk ponytail. Your hair should be long enough to be tied behind your head for this hairdo. Smooth your hair from the roots to the ends with a hair gel such as the I Create Hold from Innersense Organic Beauty. When you apply a little more, you immediately have a stylish wet look. Smooth your hair back, grab it as low as possible on the back of your neck and secure it with a velvet ribbon. You can also use a simple headband or a barrette with pearls or glitter stones for some extra sparkle. And then comes the finishing touch: spray some perfume over your hair and in your ponytail, such as the P03 eau de parfum from ærlig. This ensures that your festive meet & greets become unforgettable.

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