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By Gabriela, 7 october 2022

Hand care for sensitive hands

Proper hand hygiene has proven to be very important, especially in recent years. But washing your hands multiple times a day can also wash off the skin’s protective barrier, leading to cracked and dry sensitive hands. How will you get through the coming cold seasons with fluffy soft hands? We have some tips and solutions for you.

Solution: don't wash your hands too rough or too hot
October 15 is International Hand Washing Day. Yes, International Hand Washing Day really exists. We know it is important for our health to remove germs, but washing your hands too roughly and not properly can actually have the opposite effect. This happens when a hand soap washes off the skin’s protective barrier and removes the natural skin oil. You can overcome this problem by using a cleansing product that does not 'strip' your hands of its natural skin oil, but still cleans the hands well. The SKINHAPTICS Washing Care Delicate Hands and the John Masters Organics Hand Wash with Rose & Palmarosa are examples of hand soaps that will not wash off the skin’s protective barrier and natural oil. These clean your hands without the use of sulphates. An extra tip: when you wash your hands, don't do it with hot water. Lukewarm water in combination with a hand wash is great for killing bacteria and prevents your hands from drying out. Take your time: washing your hands for at least 20 to 30 seconds ensures clean hands.

Solution: moisturise your hands regularly
Moisturising your hands regularly helps to keep your skin smooth and moisturised and prevents dryness, itchiness or painful cracking. It also helps to reduce visible signs of aging on your hands, such as pigmentation spots and lines (especially if you use a hand cream with SPF). The best way to prevent fragile and sensitive skin, is to apply a hand cream immediately after washing your hands. Put a hand cream next to the kitchen sink and next to the bathroom sink as a reminder to moisturise hour hands more regularly. We are fans of the SKINHAPTICS Smooth Cream Sensitive Hands and the John Masters Organics Hand Cream with Lemon & Ginger. These creams nourish the skin and lock in moisture so that your skin remains soft and smooth.

Solution: sleep with a hand mask
If you have extremely dry and painful hands, you can pamper them with a 'hand mask' for several nights in a row. For this you will need a rich balm (or body butter) and cotton gloves. As a last step before going to sleep, apply a thick layer of balm to your hands and nails, cover them with the gloves and leave it on overnight. When you do this for several nights in a row, you will notice that your hands will heal quickly and feel smooth again. For example, you can do this with the Suki HydraCycle Hydrating Body Balm or the Made by Coopers Sleepy Head Balm.

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