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By Gabriela, 14 september 2022

Eyelash serums, do they really work?

Fluttering eyelashes
Not born with long, fluttering eyelashes? Luckily, there are several ways to lengthen your eyelashes, think about mascara and false eyelashes. And of course, an eyelash serum. Unfortunately, mascara is temporary, just like false eyelashes. With an eyelash serum, you could increase the length, volume and health of your eyelashes in the longer term. But does it really work?

Eyelash growth
First, let's talk about how eyelashes grow. Eyelashes are made up of proteins, just like the hair on your head and body. For more than 90% protein, to be exact. The components of these proteins, and therefore your eyelashes, are amino acids. Amino acids nourish eyelashes and repair damage. They are therefore often the main ingredient in eyelash serums, under the name of peptides. Eyelashes grow in three phases: the anagen (active) phase, the catagen (transition) phase and the telogen (resting) phase. During the anagen phase, eyelashes grow continuously. This phase takes four to six weeks. During the catagen phase, the eyelashes reach their maximum length and the hair follicles begin to shrink. This part of the cycle takes two to three weeks. The last part of the cycle is the telogen phase. During the resting period, it takes about 100 days for the eyelashes to fall out. Each individual eyelash goes through a phase at different times. On average, the replacement of an eyelash takes four to six months.

How does an eyelash serum work?
An eyelash serum helps to condition, moisturize and strengthen eyelashes, resulting in less breakage and hair loss. The volume will therefore certainly increase and eyelashes will fall out less quickly, allowing your eyelashes to grow a little longer. Less breakage means your eyelashes have a chance to grow longer and fuller. You usually apply an eyelash serum with a brush along the upper lash line. By blinking the eyes, the serum will also transfer to the lower eyelashes. When applied consistently every day, the eyelash serum prolongs the telogen growth phase, extending the growth cycle of the eyelashes. The Castor Oil Eyelash Serum from BAEBODY contains castor oil that consists of nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, minerals and essential fatty acids that stimulate eyelash hair growth. It also repairs damaged hair follicles. So, good news: you can still give those over-plucked eyebrows a second chance.

Commonly found in eyelash serums
The formulas vary from brand to brand, but there are several ingredients commonly found in eyelash serums. For example, the already mentioned castor oil, as well as peptides (amino acids) to build healthy hair follicles, ceramides to lock in moisture and panthenol to moisturize the eyelashes and protect them from breakage. The Lash & Brow Growth Serum from Námaka Rituals contains panthenol as well as peptides and yeast protein to promote eyelash growth.

Patience is the key
Unfortunately, your eyelashes don't grow instantly and eyelash serums will not lengthen them in just one night. You will have to wait about six to eight weeks for the result, depending on the growth cycle of your eyelashes. It is important to use the serum consistently and apply it every day. Unfortunately, the effect is not permanent: as soon as you stop applying the serum and the growth cycle ends, your eyelashes will return to 'normal'.

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