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By Natasja, 13 february 2023

Cold weather: take care of your lips, including those down under.

Bare lips
Cold outside and the sun is shining? Great! Let’s go ice skating or hiking. Of course, you'll wrap yourself up well, put on a hat or ear warmers and thick gloves. But, your lips remain 'bare'. You'll notice right away: they become red (or blue...), feel very dry, you'll get cracks, peels and wounds. Strange, you haven't had any problems all year long and now all of a sudden you do.

Break the lip-lick cycle
As it gets colder outside, the humidity also decreases. This can cause your lips to feel very dry, especially if you are outside a lot. You probably have the tendency - unconsciously - to lick your lips. But this has a reverse effect: saliva makes your lips even drier because it immediately evaporates. Unfortunately, the skin on your lips does not have sebaceous glands like on the rest of your face and cannot produce any 'oil' or protection against the cold and dry air. The solution is a lip balm; it provides relief from dryness and soothes any wounds or flakes.

Nutrition for your lips
A nourishing lip balm provides protection against cold weather and helps prevent cracks. The ingredients lay a layer over the skin so that wind and cold have less impact. Examples of these ingredients are beeswax, coconut oil and cocoa butter. To keep your lips soft and protected, apply the lip balm several times a day, especially when you go outside. Don't forget to apply a thick layer before bedtime: the humidity is low in the winter, even in the bedroom. Due to dry air, you can wake up with even drier lips. If you apply a layer of lip balm, you won't have to worry about it and you will wake up with hydrated lips. By the way, at night your skin goes into the repair mode and wounds are 'repaired'. With lip balm on your lips, this repairing process goes even better. Make sure that the lip balm does not contain irritating ingredients, a tingling feeling is not a good sign most of the times. A better choice is the Lip Calm Vanilla from John Masters Organics, which is also ideal for use during winter sports. Although you probably do it unconsciously, it is especially a good idea not to pluck or bite your lips. This increases the risk of flakes, wounds and cracked lips. If you notice that you want to touch your lips, keep a lip balm on hand so that you can apply it immediately. Like this one, the HydraCycle Hydrating Lip Balm from Suki.

Nutrition for your lips down under
Talking about lips, your labia also need some extra attention now that they are tucked away in tight jeans and panties. They may even feel a little crumpled and smell unpleasant at the end of the day. Fortunately, Lip Intimate Care's Cleansing + Moisturizing Oil Sea Buckthorn + Fragonia provides a solution. This cleansing oil removes dirt and unpleasant odors while keeping the vulva (the inner and outer labia) hydrated. This way, you can properly cleanse your intimate area and feel refreshed afterwards, and your vulva will be back in 'shape'. And just like your 'regular' lips, your labia can also suffer from dryness, it is even the most common reason for intimate health problems. It can cause pain, especially during sex, and can also make sitting, standing, sporting, urinating and working very uncomfortable. That's why Lip Intimate Care has formulated an organic luxury 'lip balm' for the labia and vulva. This lip balm is specially designed to hydrate and protect the sensitive intimate area.

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