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By Gabriela, 4 january 2023

Bright & shiny

Shining with your bleached hair or your freshly set highlights? You will realize that lightening your hair requires serious maintenance to keep your hair in good condition and your hair colour nice and bright. Ever wondered how the hair bleaching process works? When the bleach is applied to the hair, the bleach oxidizes with the melanin molecules in the hair, making the hair lighter. This is how you can achieve a lighter or blonde hair colour. While bleaching can contribute to dryness, damage, and split ends, with extra care and the right products, it's possible to keep your hair looking and feeling great. We are happy to explain how you can take care of your recently (or a little while ago) bleached hair.

When styling: add a protective primer
It's important to protect the hair that has just been bleached, from further damage in the future. For example, think of the heat of styling tools such as hair dryer, flat iron and curling iron. Just like you use a primer as a base for a nice and longlasting makeup look, you can also apply a primer to your hair. The Hair Love Prep Spray from Innersense Organic Beauty is a priming spray that protects the hair during heat styling, gives more body and ensures that your hair style stays longer in shape. The caring formula contains vitamin B and rice protein to restore strength and shine. Baobab and angelica root protect against the damage of styling tools and UV radiation.

Daily: use a leave-in conditioner
You can easily maximize the moisture content of your hair every day with the Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner from Innersense Organic Beauty. This lightweight detangling spray is made with soothing oils, herbs, flower extracts and bee-friendly honey to leave your hair deeply nourished and manageable all day long. You just spray it on damp hair when you need a moisturizing boost and voilà, no rinsing necessary.

Once or twice a week: apply a mask
After a bleaching session, your hair needs a lot of tender loving care. You can do that with a hair mask that provides your hair with much-needed moisture to keep your hair smooth and soft. The Hydrating Hair Mask from Innersense Organic Beauty has everything you need to give your hair a moisture boost. This rich mask is formulated with shea butter, tamanu and coconut oil, flax seed oil and quinoa to restore and strengthen dry, coarse and damaged hair. Leave it on for 10 minutes at least once a week. Is your hair extremely dry? Then apply it twice a week.

Once a week: refresh with a blonde shampoo
To make your bleached blonde (but also grey and white) hair radiantly fresh again, use the sulphate-free Bright Balance Hairbath and the Bright Balance Conditioner from Innersense Organic Beauty once a week. These strengthen your hair and neutralize unwanted colour tones such as yellow, orange or copper. They are formulated with a custom pigment blend of blue and red to counteract brassy and orange tones. How exactly does this work? Imagine the colour wheel in which purple is directly across from yellow. Their positioning on the wheel means that when the colours are mixed together, they cancel each other out resulting in a cooler colour tone. That is why purple has a neutralizing effect on yellow and orange hair tones and gives a brightening effect. Unfortunately, many purple shampoos use silicone to create the illusion of a healthy hair. However, this workaround can cause problems. Over time, silicones backfire and make your hair even drier than before. The Bright Balance Hairbath is therefore made with nourishing plant-based ingredients such as apple and rice extract and monoi oil to truly care for blond and grey hair. The mild silicone-free shampoo restores balance to your hair colour and at the same time boosts a dull tint, making your hair shinier. The Bright Balance Conditioner neutralizes unwanted colour tones and also intensively cares for the hair. With this violet-coloured conditioner, the hair gets new energy and shine, giving discoloured, dull or grey hair a brighter look. The silicone-free Bright Balance Conditioner has been carefully formulated with nourishing, vegan ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter, aloe vera, quinoa extract and glycerine.

This is how to use the Bright Balance products
The effective Bright Balance formulas save time because they are easily absorbed by your hair. There is no need to leave them on for more than 3 to 5 minutes. In addition to your normal shampoo and conditioner, you can use the Bright Balance products once a week as a treatment. This keeps the colour of your blonde or grey hair fresh and radiant.

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