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By Gabriela, 21 september 2022

Benefits of organic scalp care

Why organic hair and scalp care?
As we become more aware of health and environmental issues, we tend to choose organic cosmetic products, such as for our hair and scalp. At Bioplaneet we are convinced that organic products are much better for your hair and scalp. We can imagine that you may still have doubts, or you just find it difficult to choose a new product and switch. Therefore, we have listed four benefits of organic hair and scalp care for you.

#1: It contains nourishing ingredients
Just like our hair, our scalp reacts to its environment. And it also reacts to ingredients in our hair care products. We do not often think about it, but a healthy scalp is essential for beautiful, shiny hair and good hair days. And that is where organic hair and scalp care comes in. Due to their composition, they have a gentler effect and will not strip the scalp of its protective skin oils. You may not see it right away, but over time, the organic products will restore your hair and nourish the scalp better.

#2: It is free from irritating and syntactic substances
Our scalp is part of our skin; the largest organ of the body. What we apply to our scalp can be absorbed through our skin and enter our bloodstream. You have probably never thought about that, have you? Sensitive, itchy and irritated skin occurs when you use harsh products containing certain synthetics and chemicals. Natural, organically grown ingredients, like sunflower oil and calendula, have healing properties that nourish the skin and scalp. While some silicone and sulphate-based products (SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) can work wonders for the first few weeks, they will eventually make your hair dull and limp, because they are too aggressive. Sulphates, for example, are surfactants that create the lather in your shampoo. Unfortunately, they also strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils. The silicones used in conditioners create a smooth layer on the hair to restore the moisture level removed by the previously used sulphate shampoo. However, a build-up of silicone can leave the hair feeling greasy and heavy at the end of the day. The only way to remove the silicone build-up is to wash it with a sulphate shampoo. And so, the cycle continues. Organic shampoo does not lather like sulphate-based shampoos, which can leave you feeling like it is not working. But you can be sure that it will still do its cleaning job, even if it is less
“foamy”. Organic conditioners are often rich in natural ingredients such as coconut oil and vitamin E, which intensively care for your hair and scalp. An organic product means that the ingredients have been grown without the use of fertilisers, pesticides, ionising radiation or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In short, they do not contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your scalp. They are formulated with ingredients such as vitamins, proteins, essential oils and plant extracts that are gentler and safer to use. They are the right choice for you if you are concerned about using products with synthetic ingredients. For example, choose the sulphate-free shampoos from Innersense Organic Beauty, like the Pure Harmony Hairbath. The Harmonic Treatment Oil from Innersense Organic Beauty takes care of your scalp and hair, but without silicones.

#3: It is safer for your scalp
As mentioned before, sulphates strip the hair and scalp of its natural oils. If you have sensitive skin, you will tolerate organic products better. They contain no or fewer irritating substances, making it gentler on the scalp. An example of a natural ingredient is tea tree oil, an anti-fungal agent that is successfully used to treat flakes. It fights flaky and itchy scalp, but in a safe way. By choosing organic shampoos and conditioners you can prevent irritants from coming into contact with your sensitive skin. The products of John Masters Organics, like the Scalp Purifying Serum with Spearmint & Meadowsweet, will keep your scalp in optimal condition without causing irritation.

#4: It is better for the planet
Organically grown ingredients eliminate the need for synthetic chemicals and fertilisers, that are harmful to water and soil. Synthetic and chemical ingredients make their way through shower drains and that can have unpleasant consequences for the environment. For example, microplastics pollute the earth, our waterways and harm marine life. Organic products are manufactured more sustainably and are typically made with biodegradable or recycled packaging, so they do not cause a lot of waste and pollution. Organic hair care products are made from natural ingredients that break down more easily and they don't leave toxic chemicals in the environment. The Shower Gel from SKINHAPTICS is a good example; not only does the Shower Gel cleanses the body, it also cleanses the hair and scalp in a natural way. This product can be used for moms and dads, but also for moms-to-be, children, and babies.

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